is back

Hello, and welcome to my rant space, this personal site has been online since late 2001. I created it for projects that I used to work on but things change nowadays and people blog…

Let me tell you about myself a bit…my name is Jongilanga Guma, in a nutshell I am a Linux Systems Administrator  by  day, a robot builder by night and do play some guitar whenever I get a chance between my busy husband daddy Jobs.

I spent this weekend setting up my home server where this site is hosted. The server is running Ubuntu Linux 18.04 known by it’s build codename as Bionic Beaver.  This server  has a hardware Raid-1 , disk redundancy, in layman’s term it just means two hard drivers are mirror of each other.

Back to, my aim has been to revamp this site as it was written with pure html now I have made it with wordpress., with the hope of being able to update it frequently. The old version of can be found here it’s ugly buy 80% of it still works,

That’s it for now and thanks to coming by…you can email me at if you want to ask me anything.





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